From Refugees Camp to Thriving City, How Rights Can Transform Humanitarian Assistance The UNHCR estimates there are 21.3 million refugees in the world, with about 7 million of them living in camps. Originally intended to be temporary solutions that would secure all human rights for those requiring shelter, the reality has been less than ideal.Read More
The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Tuesday to recognize the essential value of IP in the American economy. The hearing, entitled, “Intellectual Property – Driver of Innovation: Making Our Lives Healthier, Safer, and more Productive,” brought together experts from both the private and public sector, including representativesRead More
Regulations imposed in the UK this month dictate all packs of cigarettes must be sold in standardized green packages with graphic and disturbing pictures of some of the dangers of smoking. By the new regulations, all packs must contain at least 20 cigarettes, double the size of the standard pack, with health warnings covering 65% of the frontRead More
Today marks World IP-Day, a day to celebrate how intellectual property rights enable limitless human innovation. The celebration will include events on six continents aimed at raising awareness of intellectual property rights. Property Rights Alliance along with 54 partners signed an open letter directed to World Intellectual Property OrganizationRead More