Blockchain continues to grow rapidly in terms of popularity and application, with established firms and startups alike recognizing the value of the system.  The technology is also advancing rapidly in South American nations such as Brazil and into developing nations such as Kenya. Widespread interest in Bitcoin has led to an advent of patentRead More
Congratulations Hernando De Soto Hernando De Soto will receive the Julian Simon Memorial Award from the Competitive Enterprise Institute during the organization’s annual dinner on June 28th. The prestigious award is named in honor of the late economist Julian Simon who argued that population growth, coupled with human creativity, would lead toRead More
Global policy makers, and especially officials in the European Union must enact new guidelines and legislation to combat the rampant abuse of fraudulent alcohol trademarks and copyrights. The prevalence of counterfeit liquor products hurts manufacturers and the general public due to lost income and serious health and safety hazards. A recentRead More
The World Health Assembly is meeting this week in Geneva to agree on new five-year General Program of Work. As another Ebola crisis threatens Africa, and the dawn of summer threatens to bring back Zika and Chikungunya viruses with a vengeance the world needs the World Health Organization to be prepared and focused Yet, on the agenda this week atRead More