On Monday, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Central Board of Exercise and Customs, the chief Customs body in India, held a workshop that brought together IP policy professionals, brand owners, industry associations, and IP enforcement police. This workshop focused on training customs police on the issue of counterfeit products comingRead More
Blockchain technology has taken off since the launch of Bitcoin 9 years ago. Blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger technology that makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible. It serves as a record by accepting inputs of information from many different computers, and only changing information when there is a consensus among allRead More
Every government all over the world exercises the power of eminent domain to seize private property, usually justified by the promise of a public benefit. Over time restrictions in the U.S. limiting when and how federal and state governments can use eminent domain have steadily loosened. Property Rights Alliance was happy to discuss use of eminentRead More
  According to a study by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Romania loses over 400 million Euros and 27,000 jobs per year due to counterfeit goods. The main counterfeited good imported into Romania is cigarettes, followed by consumer goods such as clothing, shoes, and electronics. This is a violation of Romanian companies’Read More