Recently Argentina hosted the G20 Leaders’ Summit attended by U.S. President Trump and Xi Jinping of China.  Through the leadership of the U.S. president, the agenda prioritized the protection of intellectual property rights in international trade. The summit was made historic by the signing of the new North America trade agreement, which hasRead More
Washington, DC November 29, 2018 Contact: Lorenzo Montanari e-mail: International Group of Pro-Market Think Tanks Urges G20 to Protect Intellectual Property Rights A letter signed by 22 groups from 14 countries has one message for G20 leaders: the inequality of intellectual property protections cannotRead More
Some of the first trademark laws were created to protect alcohol. Bass Ale, now one of the world’s oldest trademarks still in use was the first mark registered under the UKs 1875 Trademark Registration Act. After using the law to prosecute counterfeiters the company was able to expand significantly by licensing out production around the country-Read More
Markets in Brazil, Asia, Germany, and the UK have reacted positively to the news that Jair Bolsonaro will be Brazil’s next president. Brazil’s most important benchmark stock index even climbed 88,000 points to reach an all-time high. The initial reaction serves as a positive sign that the new president’s economic policy will spur economicRead More