The new United States-Mexico-Canada agreement, which Canada agreed to sign at the last minute, includes a powerful intellectual property chapter. The chapter was considered one of the most contentious and left for the end. However, Canada, which usually advocates for exceptions, ultimately agreed to similar terms in the Trans-Pacific PartnershipRead More
Paul Romer recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his groundbreaking work in the relationship between the market and consumer happiness. Dubbed the “endogenous growth theory”, Romer suggests that there is a snowball effect in the market of ideas, and as the general knowledge increases, the market benefits. His theory reinforcesRead More
The WTO released its annual World Trade Report. This year it has a special emphasis on how digital technologies are transforming global commerce. It documents how the sharing economy, peer to peer networks, and international e-commerce have transformed the shape of services and goods that are traded across borders. Enabled by the internet, theseRead More
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, DC September 25, 2018 Contact: Lorenzo Montanari e-mail: Property Rights Alliance Cautions South African Ambassador about Land Expropriation Without Compensation The Property Rights Alliance (PRA) is an international advocacy organization dedicated to the protectionsRead More