“Agri-Food Security” in Venezuela, another form of private property appropriation -Industrias Zu
Wednesday, March 25, 2015 10:00 am | By Andrea Rondón García*

It could be said that in a little more than 15 years there has been a veritable transformation of Public Law in Venezuela, considering the modifications undergone by the principal laws of this discipline.  It is not reckless to state that Public Law has turned from statist (with few exceptions) into totalitarian.

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All companies could end up like Clorox de Venezuela S.A., eventually
By Andrea Rondón García *

The mechanism of direct expropriation may be defined as an indemnification through a fair payment in the light of an act that ultimately affects private property (specifically the transfer of ownership title) due to reasons established by the lawmaker. However, this is not the only way of affecting ownership rights. Often arbitrary and unjustified measures affect these rights, even though no transfer of ownership title does occur.

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Irish Plain Packaging's Biggest Beneficiary Will Be IRA Smugglers
Friday, March 6, 2015 5:37 pm | By Alexander Hendrie

Earlier this week, Ireland passed long threatened plain packaging legislation to ban branding on tobacco products, becoming the first European country to do so. Unfortunately the policy, which has been implemented in the name of improving “public health” will do no such thing. Already, Australia’s failed plain packaging policy has already proven that the policy increases smoking and does not affect public health. But far more concerning, the policy provides a new source of revenue for criminal organizations.

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