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Save the Date! Launch of 2011 International Property Rights Index
Wednesday, March 2, 2011 12:50 pm | By Kelsey Zahourek

 Followed by a discussion by a panel of experts on what the Index means for property rights in the 112th Congress and around the globe

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Press Club
13th Floor -- Lisagor, White, and Murrow Rooms

Confirmed Speakers
Kyle Jackson, 2010 Hernando de Soto Fellow
Stan McCoy, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, USTR Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation
Terry Miller, Director, Center for International Trade and Economics, Heritage Foundation
Christina Walsh, Director of Activism and Coalitions, Institute for Justice

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Property Rights Alliance has partnered with sixty-seven (67) global institutions to present the 2011 International Property Rights Index (IPRI)

The 2011 International Property Rights Index (IPRI) is an international comparative study that measures the significance of both physical and intellectual property rights and their protection for economic well-being. Property Rights Alliance initiated the IPRI studies for the Hernando de Soto Fellowship Program to contribute to developing accurate and comprehensive measures regarding property rights (PR) on an international scale. The International Property Rights Index will provide the public, researchers and policymakers, from across the globe, with a tool for comparative analysis and future research on global property rights. In order to incorporate and grasp the important aspects related to property rights protection, the Index focuses on three areas: Legal and Political Environment (LP), Physical Property Rights (PPR), and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The current study analyzes data for 129 countries around the globe, representing ninety-seven percent of world GDP. Of great importance, the 2011 gauge incorporates data of PR protection from various sources, often directly obtained from expert surveys within the evaluated countries.


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