IP Plays Central Role in U.S. Economy
Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:20 pm | By Philip Thompson

Fast Facts:
·      IP-intensive industries accounted for $6.6 trillion in value added in 2014, a 30% increase from 2010
·      The share of total U.S. GDP attributable to IP-intensive industries was 38% in 2014, up four points from 2010
·      IP-intensive industries directly and indirectly supported 45.5 million jobs, about 30% of all employment
·      In 2014, workers in IP-intensive indus­tries earned an average weekly wage 46% higher than those in non-IP-intensive industries

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Making the Case for Free Trade
By Anthony McAuliffe

 A group of organizations has written an open letter to Congress to show their strong support for free trade. We are proud to be one of the organizations signing on to this letter, as it reinforces our ideals that supporting free market principles is the only way to achieve prosperity for all people in the U.S. We believe that one of the key components of free trade is the establishment of strong protection for intellectual property. 

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New Zealand Plain Packaging Bill is a Mistake
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 3:25 pm | By Anthony McAuliffe

It was recently announced that the New Zealand parliament may impose a bill that would force cigarette companies to use plain packaging by 2017. For those unaware, plain packaging is an initiative to reduce smoking by prohibiting cigarette companies from using logos or trademarks on packages of their products . The effort by New Zealand is part of a campaign to completely end smoking in the country by 2025. The campaign for plain packaging is not only an ineffective effort to reduce smoking, but also a clear violation of intellectual property laws. 

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