American for Tax Reform Foundation Partners with the ECR Party to host Panel Discussion on Transatlantic Trade

As trade tensions rise, pulling some of the largest economies to the negotiating table, what are the prospects for opening markets and liberalizing trade in 2020? As the 8th webinar in the “Europe Debates” series, Americans for Tax Reform Foundation in partnership with the ECR Party will host a live panel with leading policymakers in Europe, Brazil, and the United States that explores how expanding trade will help boost economies emerging from the coronavirus lockdown and ensure long-term economic growth in the future.

Join us on Tuesday 30th June for a discussion concerning liberalizing trade between the U.S., the EU, and Mercosur. The event will be moderated by Initiative for Free Trade President and Former Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, other speakers include:

• Eduardo Bolsonaro MP from Brazil,
• Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
• Hermann Tertsch, MEP from Spain
• Matthias Karlsson, MP from Sweden
• Philip Thompson, International Trade Barrier Index

Register to Attend Here: