Can it Really Be True?

Recently, China has stated that they are going to start cracking down on pirated software. For those who have been keeping up with all the problems of counterfeiting and piracy, you would know that China is one of the biggest markets for pirated software.

According to China’s official news service their government is starting a new campaign to fight counterfeit and pirated software and DVDs. This campaign will last six months, beginning at the end of October. Xinhua News Agency said that it will “focus on pirated publications, software, DVDs and designs, as well as violations of trademarks and patents, and on the import and export of fake goods”. The Chinese government has been ordered to use only authorized software and updates.

This decision was made at one of the regular State Council meetings on Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Premier Wen Jiabao led this meeting and their decision will hopefully help to implement an agreement reached by President Barack Obama and himself. This seemed to have started last month when Obama raised concerns over the IPR issue during a meeting with Premier Wen during his serious of U.N meetings in New York.

This is such a huge step forwards. China has been one of the biggest markets for counterfeit products for such a long time. Piracy has made them tons of money. Can they really be cracking down on this? Can China really stop their habit and try to do more to attack this problem? This campaign is supposedly suggesting how serious China is about combating this. Only in time we will see.