International guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights

Today Property Rights Alliance sent an international coalition letter, supporting all types of intellectual property, to Dr. Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as well as leaders of several other major international organizations. This letter, supported by 85 free market think tanks and advocacy groups representing 51 countries, elaborated guidelines on rule of law and intellectual property as essential benchmarks to the creation and preservation of a free and just society.
In an age where technology and innovation are pushing the boundaries further, it is more important than ever that we ensure the ability of innovators and creators to be secure in the ownership of the property they create. Everyone, from authors to inventors to entrepreneurs, has a fundamental right to the products of their toil.  The co-signers of the letter seek to help global policymakers to understand the importance to protect intellectual property rights.
The letter contained several sections outlining various aspects of intellectual property issues. The first section described how the existence of a transparent government, the rule of law, and an independent judiciary are crucial for the protection and fostering of IP. Other sections include the importance of IP for promoting free speech and expression, free markets and economic competition, consumer protection, and even global security.
The letter closed mentioning, “Advanced societies have long understood that by protecting the property rights of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors, they were promoting the greater public welfare. The continued protection of these fundamental rights is essential to global innovation, creativity and competitiveness.”
Through these international guidelines we encourage the leaders of the international organizations and governments to work together to promote rule of law and protect intellectual property as engines of fair, prosperous and transparent societies. Ensuring that intellectual property rights are respected and protected in every nation is the best guarantee to spur prosperity, innovation and creativity around the globe.

Please read the full letter here