Medical Community Today, You Tomorrow?

The medical field in New Hampshire is facing a serious crisis; the state is trying to take away their private property. People who fund the Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (JUA), such as medical doctors, nurses, hospitals, and nursing homes, are plaintiffs in lawsuits against the state of New Hampshire to prevent it from raiding more than $110 million in surplus revenue from the JUA.

The state government, who has not contributed any money to the JUA, is determined to raid the fund to fill its own budget shortfalls. In early September the state commissioner, aided by Gov. John Lynch, enacted new rules for operating the JUA that would take away 25 years of vested policy holders’ rights and appoint the commissioner to run the JUA.
Are you surprised? Of course not. This has happened time and time again. States refuse to get their own fiscal house in order so they decide to take money from any source they can possibly find. So here lies the issue; the state notices the JUA and sees that it has surplus money that is being given back to the policy holders and the state wants it.
Supporters of the new rules claim they are necessary because they address the issue of the JUA’s tax-exempt status. Lynch is trying to make it so the JUA has to pay taxes and which would then allow for the surplus money to go to the state. This puts policy holders’ future investments in serious jeopardy. Last time I checked this was their money and not the states’ property.
Republican candidate for Governor, John Stephen, has come out against this proposal stating that Gov. John Lynch disrespects property rights. He also said that 86% of New Hampshire voters are against this. Today the medical community is getting their property stolen from them, will you be next?