The intellectual Property situation in Muslim-Majority countries has shifted towards a decentralized and more transparent environment to file for Intellectual property rights. In the past years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of filed patent rights in countries like Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.  The reform includes a moreRead More
Washington D.C. – Today the Property Rights Alliance released the 2022 International Property Rights Index (IPRI), the only comparative global index that ranks the strength of both physical and intellectual property rights as well as the legal and political environments that contain them. PRA partnered with 128 think tanks in 74 countries toRead More

Watch out for Prime Theft

As consumers flock to online markets to take advantage of seasonal deals they should remember, just like in brick and mortar stores, a really good deal may be too good to be true.  Criminals have crept into online marketplaces polluting them with fraudulent and harmful products.    Online markets offer legitimate businesses the opportunity toRead More
WASHINGTON – 6/17/22 – “The World Trade Organization’s decision to suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines is short-sighted and sets a dangerous precedent for the future of global health. A flourishing system of IP rights not only allowed for novel vaccines to be created in record time but also allowed global vaccineRead More