BREIN: Digital Piracy’s Worst Nightmare

The BREIN vs. Bit Torrent battle can rightfully take its place in the hall of fame of epic smack downs. BREIN—a Dutch anti-piracy organization—managed to take down 422 illegal websites over the past six months. In comparison, the U.S. has taken down nine since the announcement of Operation in Our Sites. The news has left many in the torrent world crying like babies.

Yet this isn’t BREIN’s, which is Dutch for Protection Rights Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands, first major victory. According to TorrentFreak, BREIN shut down 393 illegal torrent sites in 2009. This is an impressive record and should be a model for those who combat piracy for a living.

BREIN’S success isn’t surprising when one takes into account the country that it operates from. According to the 2010 International Property Rights Index, the Netherlands ranks 4th out of 125, a clear indication of the strength of its intellectual property rights protection. The country is a haven for the most creative and innovative as a result.

What’s fantastic about BREIN’S strategy is that it is expert at keeping its efforts from the news and other media. This has prevented criminals and their allies from warning illegal sites that they are being monitored. The U.S. should follow suit.